Friday, 1 January 2010

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Wow. That simply looks odd. Another odd bit is the back and forth between scholars, writers, linguistics, and geeks on how to pronounce this new decade of ours. There are those in the Camp Two Thousand and Ten. There are those in the Twenty-Ten. There are even a few spattering of clever folks calling it Aught-10.

Personally, this is how I resolve the issue. I was not born in "Nineteen hundred and seventy", nor was I born in "One thousand, nine hundred and seventy." I was born in Nineteen Seventy. Plain. Simple. Fewer syllables. We could not at the beginning of this millennium refer to it as Twenty-Oh-One. Or Twenty-one. And as we got on in years, Twenty-Six or Twenty-Oh-Nine. Not until it reached the double digits can we now revert to the good old standard we were used to in the former century.

Ladies and Gents, I introduce you to 2010. She likes it pronounced "twenty-ten".

On a completely different subject, a friend dared me to attempt the 365 days of photos. One photo. Every day. I'm a bit skeptical I'll be able to accomplish this goal thanks to my lack luster ability to complete National Blog Posting Month for December, but I suppose it could not hurt to give it a go.

Viola, dear readers. Photo numero uno.
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