Wednesday, 6 January 2010

mutantenemy: (knit::i knit so I dont kill people)
I was so wrapped up in my new knitting project, I almost spaced on doing my daily entry.

The shame.

So. What new knitting project, you say? Why it's a prayer shawl. I originally was working a lace pattern but about half way through I goofed and had to frog the whole thing. It wasn't too painful. Now if I had over 40" of it knitted, yeah, I would've been heart broken.

With a fresh start, I decided to go for a different lace pattern and today I started that. Fairly simple, but not so exceedingly simple it puts me to sleep in the middle of a knit or a purl.

The index card I use to write down my lace pattern is offered by Levenger. Very, very handy when I want to simply put my project in my day-to-day bag and not wish to haul around my massive knitting basket full of yarn and pages of patterns.