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Life has been a tad stressful, so my daily blogging and daily photos have had to take a backseat.

My job hunting has intensified as my UI benefits slowly dwindle down to zero. I've lost count to how many resumes I've submitted with nary a response in return. Fortunately, I did attend "Ignite Portland" last week and made a few connections thanks to a friend, as well as, received a few leads as to who is hiring.

Inside the Bagdad Theatre where Ignite Portland 8 was held.

Secondly, my adorable furrkid, Jameson, decided now was the opportune time to develop a nasty case of diarrhea. Two vet visits, two prescriptions, and about $400 later we still do not know exactly what is wrong with him. Popular theories are either an Irritable Bowel Disease or a food allergy. As the meds were screwing with his appetite, the vet recommended two days ago I take him off them. I did. And he wouldn't eat. Finally, this morning, his hunger overwhelming him, Jameson took to a plate of dry prescription cat food (Green Peas and Rabbit) and started eating again. I am thrilled. Nothing is more nerve wracking than a pet that will not eat.

Thirdly, I've been in a bit of funk the past two weeks. Nothing specific, just everything and nothing. When I'm in a funk, my creativity takes a dive and my motivation is full of blah. Jameson feeling better has relieved some of the stress, but I will feel more sure and secure once I find that elusive job.

In the meantime, let me share with you some photos I took in February at the Audubon Society's Wildlife Care Center Open House. My first venue in volunteering will be this month as I help maintain their sanctuary and hiking trails.

Clickenzee to biggenzee.

Aristophanes, Common Raven

Finnigan, Peregrine Falcon, Nature's Skydiver

Julio, Great Horned Owl

Hazel, Spotted Owl, sees what you did there

Syd, Red Tailed Hawk

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Saturday, 13 March 2010 08:34 am (UTC)
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Hope the job hunting is successful and that Jameson is well and truly on the mend.

Those birds are fabulous - what a great photographic opportunity.
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Volunteering is an excellent call in times of unemployment. The first time might not lead to anything more profitable, but the second or third times will. I started teaching after spending three months as a learning/tech support worker - the institution was terrible but it did mean there was an experience I could talk about at teacher training interviews and that seemed to be of help, so - well, it worked for me.

Also, Hazel's beautiful. I've long been fond of owls and the expression she has there is lovely. Would you mind if I made a userpic from that photo?