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There are ebbs and flows, mountains and valleys, dry spells and monsoons in one's life, but it definitely correlates to my social life as of recently.

I am not one who needs company 24/7. I don't need to be in constant contact with anyone. I can be perfectly happy entertaining myself by going to the zoo on my own, knitting in a coffee shop, or checking out the latest Tim Burton flick-a-roo. Ever since I was a kid, playing in my room brought me the greatest satisfaction because I only had me and my imagination to keep me from getting bored.

However....this does not mean I am a lone wolf or despise human contact. Quite the contrary. The only thing human I despise is undiluted stupidity / ignorance / over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. In other words, to use one of Dean Winchester's favorite words, I stay the hell away from the douchebags.

I may be an independent person, but I am not 100% myself without my friends. My friends keep me sane, they remind me of how loved I am, and they help me get my groove on when needed. This past weekend was just that. After a long dry spell of social activities (seriously, tumbleweeds were rolling through my apartment), I was inundated with activities galore and reminded, yet again, that

This was the Cherie Priest signing I had written about earlier. I arrived on my own, but met up with some fellow LJ Friends, and was introduced to Hugo winning author David Levine and his wife, Kate. I recalled Levine from his five minute presentation at Ignite Portland 8 and I told him how much I loved his retelling of "Living On Mars". He smiled and said there was more where that came from.

My first stint at the Audubon Nature Store! For three hours I was trained how to rock the register, learn about the hiking trails, and their operating procedures. I took to it like a hawk to air and enjoyed every second of it.

Evening time I went to a friend's birthday party over at (yes, yes, yes) the EMBERS and we enjoyed the Drag Show (especially when the Lady of Ceremonies pulled Bastard up on stage because of his utili-kilt---yes, he was wearing it proper) and danced our asses off next door. The Birthday Girl was dragging me onto the cat walk and onto the floor to dance and I obliged. We twirled, shimmeed, shaked, and grooved. We'd all dance in a group or on our own. My friend, James, had been looking forward to dancing with me again since Fall Eq, so we had a ball as the 80's music pounded away. Afterwards, we both joked how Advil, ice packs, and knee braces will need to be packed for Beltane. It was awesome to see everyone and we just had a friggin' blast.

First stop, the lovely purple-tressed Marilyn who offered to trim my locks for a dime. I honestly cannot remember when I last had my hair year ago? Two years ago? Well, it was long overdue and my layers needed to be reshaped. Two inches later, my hair is back to looking healthy, not like a straggly nest. Gods, this will sound truly odd, but my hair before the cut was almost to my lower back. Almost to the length I want it (I call it Piper length). So two inches should not be a big deal, right? It's not a big deal, but I cannot believe how DIFFERENT it feels. Lighter, easier to handle. You'd think she did a hack job and butchered it to my chin. LOL! It almost feels too short and it was only TWO FRACKIN' INCHES. My brain is weird.

From Marilyn's, I then go to Saturday Market which is where my brother and I planned to meet. I parked the car in a nearby garage and something in the back of mind tickled. Rather than heading out to the vending booths to meet him, I call. "Hey bro! I'm here! So, I was thinking as the market is a big place, why don't we meet at the Skidmore Fountain?"


"Did you park already?"

"Of course I did."

"Well, plans have changed. Because of the rain, we didn't want to deal with the kids outdoors, so their godfather has taken them to the movies, and we are in the Pearl. We've never been to the Pearl. Can you meet us there?"

Fumes are coming out of my ears.

"Gee, Bro. When were you planning on CALLING me to let me know?"

Shocked and stammering words.

"Uhm, well, uhm, gee Mutant, this just happened about a half an hour ago or so." And him with his trusty smart phone didn't think to call his little sis so she wouldn't have to be somewhere where they weren't?

Fine. We made new plans to meet at Powells on Burnside, since it is technically in the Pearl District. I bitched and ranted in my car on the way there -- "You do this every fucking time! Have me meet you somewhere, ON TIME, then don't give me a courtesy call when either you're running late or plans change! THIS is why I cringe every time when you say you'll be in town, dumbass. *grumble grumble piss whine moan* My rant was quite entertaining to pedestrians as I sassed it up in my car. Though we got off to a rough start, the rest of the afternoon ended up being pretty cool. I had a chance to just hang with my brother and his wife. I was able to spend quality time with my eldest nephew as we sought out a new book for him to read (he loves wizards and magic natch). And I reconnected with an old friend of my brother's, Scott. We hadn't seen each other since my brother's wedding about ten or so years ago. He didn't recognize me as he offered his hand and said, "Hi, I'm a friend of Bro's. My name is....." He looked at me smirking and then his expression was one of pure shock. "OMIGAWD MUTANT!! You look great!" Hugs and laughter were exchanged.

Eventually books were purchased (not me, I was good) and dinner was had (Older Nephew asked if he could sit next to me). Then it was time to scuttle off. Wished Bro and his wife a safe journey home, nuzzled my youngest nephew, and was glommed by the eldest. "I'll miss you, Mutant," he said. Heart. Squish.

From downtown I drove to Vancouver so I could meet up with Innowen to go over the fine details of my birthday party.

Yup. It's that time of year again! Zee fire tressed Mutant will be turning FORTY on April 3rd. I won't lie about how old I am, I'm proud of my age. I'm proud of the laugh lines, the curvy hips, the common sense, the self-knowing, and the strength to be true to my Self. Forty is going to ROCK and my friends will help me do that this weekend. So far we have a BBQ planned, some margaritas, perhaps some Rock Band, and then FIRE DANCING. Innowen has been a life saver as she has offered up her home as Par-tay Central.

Once we wrapped up, it was 9PM and I had been from Milwaukie to downtown Portland to Vancouver in one day. Gods, was I wiped.

But it was fun. I totally enjoyed being out and about and I learned why I don't do this every weekend. I simply cannot keep up like I used to. But that's fine. Some weekends are made to be zipping around like a social butterfly with jet packs on, and some are made to decompress.
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