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The past month has been a combination of being wonderfully chaotic, newly anxious, and sadly disappointed. I am so behind on reading folk's Tweets, LJ entries, and FB statuses that I've pretty much given up on trying to catch up. Nothing personal, it's just too mammoth a behemoth to master. Or something like that.

Did I mention I am tired?

You see, I'm a workin' gal now and my day starts when I sludge out of bed at 4:30am. Get to the office by 6:00am and work until the work is done. Usually as late as 3:00pm or as early as 1:30pm. Such is the life of a contractor.

The thing is, by the time I get home and do chores or run errands, I am WIPED and bedtime around 8:00PM sounds heavenly. I barely have the energy to write and my blog posts have suffered for it. My plan though is since I won't be working Friday, I can take the three-day weekend to finally blog the following:

1. My Rebirthing Party (with pix!)
2. Knitting Guild's Shop Hop (shiny, yarny pix!)
3. Last weekend's Southern Beltane festival (yes, you guessed it....with llamas!!)

I hope everyone on my F-List is healthy, happy, and being dangerously creative.

Snugs and Spanks,
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