New Pen Luv

Sunday, 31 January 2010 02:41 pm
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For those that read my journal, you are all aware I have junkie tendencies towards a few things in life. The list to date is as follows:

~Bags (messenger bags, backpacks, any colour, any size)
~Journals (currently I have 20 unused journals laying in wait)
~Office Supplies (ZOMG!! Get my organizational freak on!!)
~Yarn (the best pr0n around, mmmmmm, alpaca)
~Pens (colours, various tips, comfort, thickness)

Today while I did a quickie stop at the local Freddie's, I came upon the latest Sharpie writing pen.


Around and about a year ago Sharpie introduced their first line of writing pens. I was thrilled because they offer them in my most favorite tip, what I call the Engineer Nib: very fine and not roller ball. The body of the pen was very slender, almost too difficult to hold for long bouts of journal writing for some folks. I've had no problems, but I could see how over time, it could become an issue of cramped fingers.

Well, it appears Sharpie has heard and version 2.0 has been released. Thicker, more robust body, easier to handle. I could choose between the simple cap design or a clicker design. As I am unsure how the Engineer Nib would not dry out with the clicker option, I chose the cap. Plus, the silver cap looks pretty darn cool.

I have new pen luv.

Buried Nuts

Thursday, 28 January 2010 05:14 pm
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While opening my bedroom window, I was treated to a show by our resident Squirrel. He was brown/gray with a blue silver tail and a VERY big boy. No other squirrels dare mess with him.

Because I was out of his view, I had the luxury of watching him dart, twitch, and search around a nearby bush for a nut. Little paws dug here and poked there. Finally, success. Squirrel darted to the base of a pine tree and cleaned all the dirt off the nut in a rather OCD fashion. It was really cute. Then without further ado, he popped it into his mouth and carried it up the tree which then met with the local Squirrel Freeway System (aka neighbor's fence) and he bounced off. Not darted, not skittered, he actually boingy'd along the fence line.

Quite entertaining.

On a completely different, though perhaps similar note, I was lucky enough to capture this shot of a local Red-Tailed Hawk. He's been hanging out by a environmentally protected marsh area near the local library. I had the fortune of having my camera on me, so I pulled over, took a few pix and this was my favorite.


Note to Self --- Self, when you have the funds to get a new camera, make sure the zoom capabilities knock your socks off.

Espresso Yarnings

Wednesday, 27 January 2010 03:20 pm
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Yarn of the Day: "When confronted with a drizzly, gray day, knit something bright."


And a one, and a two

Wednesday, 27 January 2010 03:10 pm
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Attended the 11th Annual Winter Pow Wow over at PCC this past weekend. This was my fifth year going and I always love to spend practically the entire afternoon there. The experience always leaves me feeling peaceful and rejuvenated all at the same amicably within my heart, mind, and soul.

When one attends Pow Wows over a period of time, one begins to recognize the regulars. Not the spectators, but the dancers. Faces have become familiar to me, as do the elaborate regalia the dancers wear. From the Double Bustle Dancers, to the Fancy Dancers, to the Shawl Dancers, to the Grass Dancers. It's beginning to breed a sense of familiarity in me, not in the "Oh, I've acquired knowledge of how they do pow wows" variety, but of the "Oh, I remember him or her from last time. I wonder how their grandfather is fairing as at the last pow wow they need prayers for him?"

The drums shook up my soul from its complacent slumber and my feet would not stop thumping to the rhythm of the heart. I shopped with the vendors (acquired a very simple but cool Dance Stick) and relished in the Natives' community. It felt like home. Oh, and I devilishly indulged in some AWESOME fry bread, one of my culinary weaknesses. A little butter, a little honey, and you are on a first class ticket to heaven. Seriously.

I believe my favorite moment occurred when an Elder, who was a Vet of the Korean War, was honored with the Flying Cross and his high school diploma. I actually got teary eyed as he merely nodded at the medal in a I-Was-Only-Doing-My-Job as a matter of fact, yet embraced warmly the diploma presented to him by the school principal. Second place goes to the Native toddler, donned in traditional dress, going out into the center of the dance circle and enthusiastically performing the Chicken Dance. The drummers even played a special honor song for that little guy. Priceless.

Lacey Prayer Shawl

Wednesday, 27 January 2010 02:52 pm
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Last week was our Knitting Guild's first meeting of the new year. As is per their custom, it was time to show off projects which encompassed the theme of 2009: Lace. They had two categories for entry -- Novice and Experienced.

"Do they mean our knitting skills in general or are they referring to lace experience?," I whispered to Suz.

"Lace experience," she answered.

We both submitted our entries into the Novice category and to my surprise, out of the 80-90 members of the guild, only 30 women participated. I assumed there would be more as Lace was quite the popular technique to learn last year.

Once all the entries were on display it was time for the vote. Neither Suz or I won, but we weren't expecting to as there were some amazingly GORGEOUS lace creations. Some were very intricate, others used bold displays of colour, and the Novice piece which won was a blanket with pineapples on it. The Experienced winner was a luscious brown lace shawl with beadwork. Stunning.

Finally, they also offered a drawing to those who participated. They wanted folks to feel they had a chance to win something. Three drawings, three prizes. Guess who won the third and final prize? Yup! I was beyond stunned as I approached the front of the room to unwrap the last gift. Out of the tissue paper I pulled out a skein of scrumptious sea green mohair yarn and a scarf lace pattern called "Fallen Feathers". How perfect! *laughs*

My prayer shawl in full length is roughly 5' - 5'.5" feet long.


Close up of the intricacy.

Even closer, and crappier, shot of the draping effect of the shawl.

All that is left to do is attach tassels and it will be ready for a ritual or festival.
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So much for being able to do NaBloPoMo for January. Le sigh. I tried, I really did. But rather than look upon this as a failure, I'd rather look at this as quite the accomplishment.

No, really.

In the past, out of 30 days, I would probably only post about ten times. Maybe less, maybe a little bit more. Yet with NaBloPoMo, I actually posted about 25 out of the 31 days. That's freaking fabulous for me! Me, who attempted the Embodiment Project** twice and failed. Me, who even though has not been posting lately is STILL doing her daily photo.

On the agenda today, rather than frantically write up posts to back date to give the illusion I've written every day, I'm going to spam my own blog. Just post roughly three or four entries all marked today. I don't have to prove to anyone but myself that I am capable of achieving my goals. And on many levels I already have.

**The Embodiment Project is a Livejournal community where starting on January 1st, one hand writes in their journal every single day for the entire year. Many folks sketch, paint, do collage, doodle, or merely write and they post photos of their artistic entries. My first year I bit off more than I could chew (shocker) and tried to pursue it via an altered book. I lasted about two months. The next year I kept it simple with just writing and I also lasted, again, roughly two months. Doing something on a daily basis, other than getting out of bed, is simply not my thing. I learned that the hard way.
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Two years ago today as I was reeling from the loss of my furrkid, Embers Grand Dame, I found myself at the Humane Society searching for a new purry companion. Three hours and seven cats later, I was empty handed and heavy hearted as I made my way to the door. Suddenly, in a playroom, I spotted a scotch coloured cat sitting rather Buddha-like, squinting, and mouthing a meow. I could not hear him due to the room's windows, but seeing made me think, "Aw, what the heck. I'll break my rule and look at a young, boy cat."

The volunteer tossed us into a room together and I waited, seated upon the floor with my back against the bench. After one pass around the room to make sure nothing dangerous was within, Rufus (for that was his name back then), hopped up onto the bench and squinted at me. "So there, buddy. Would you like to come home with me?" His response? A loving squint and he touched his nose to mine. I cried.

From that day forth we have been best buds ever since. I love him, I adore him. He makes me laugh and he has kept me sane. Jameson, thank you for picking me. Happy Anniversary and Happy 3rd Birthday buddy!

Too Girly?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010 12:47 pm
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Short post today as I must focus on some hardcore knitting with my prayer shawl due tomorrow. But I shall leave you with a photo from yesterday's lovely jaunt with Innowen.


Holy shit. That's a lot of pink.
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Yesterday was a fun one. I got to spend all afternoon with Innowen (what a treat!) as we perused through a bookstore on 23rd Avenue (aka "Trendy Third"). This particular bookstore was of the metaphysical bent, so there were many books, candles, journals, incense, and cds to pillage. In the end, we each left with one treasure. I grabbed, "The Red Book" because the voice it's written in made me laugh in a good way.

The weather decided to be cooperative with minimal drizzle, so we had some Mexican food for lunch, walked it off a bit while we window shopped, and then Innowen declared, "Cuppycakes!!" With the swiftness of a master, she whipped out her iPhone, did some fancy thumb dancing, and in seconds announced, "Just down on Flanders and 17th." And off we went.


We each had two "dots" (mini-cuppycakes) and by the gods were they pretty and RICH. As we proceeded back to Trendy Third, I marveled at the neighborhood's synagogue and Innowen found "Daedalus", a new/used bookstore where we yet again we drooled over the treasures. Eventually we found the Tibetan/Hindu store I was searching for and I was able to procure a cute, little Ganesha for my shrine at home.

By 3pm we were too pooped to pop, so we made Starbux our home base as Innowen had plans to meet up with some writerly friends for a write-in that evening. "Would you like to join us?" Through a yawn, I accepted the invite and I'm glad I did. The ladies were a hoot and as Innowen and I were a bit loopy from the walking, strange things tumbled out of mouths. "Elitist M&M's" for example.

Eventually my tiredness won out and I headed home. It was a damn good day.
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Roughly a month ago, I had discovered the hair colour I used for the past few years had been discontinued. L'OREAL Feria's Bright Red Copper gave me the intensity and radio-activeness I had desired for years. When it was taken off the shelves because it simply didn't sell as well as their more "mundane" Power Reds, I went on a search for the perfect replacement. )

Espresso Yarnings

Sunday, 17 January 2010 12:44 pm
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Knitting Date at local Starbux. Taking a break from the lacey prayer shawl I'm currently working on.

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One of my favorite LJ communities to watch (and occasionally participate in) is [profile] pimp_my_altar. They showcase stunning, creative, and endlessly inspiring altars, shrines, and magickal work spaces. You name the religion, they have it. I've seen serene Catholic shrines, vibrant Hindu shrines, simple college altars to the elements, elaborate Samhain altars, expansive Voudoun / Hoodoun work spaces, elegant Etruscan altars, and so much more.

They have been as small as a bedside table, to one altar taking up the entire width of a living room with numerous shelves and fireplace mantles to boot!

So with that in mind, I thought I would share with y'all my current working altar. Because I just feel like it and on some level I hope it inspires you to create a little altar in your home. It doesn't have to be magickal "per-se" or even religious, I know of folks who have a small shrine set up for a departed pet, or a simple stone next to a pen for a writing altar, or candles and flowers near the bird bath outside to honor the coming of spring. Whatever works for you because that is the essential factor: what works for YOU. Not the neighbor down the street, not your MOM, not even your spouse / partner in crime.


What I love about altars is they can be so eclectic and so original. No two are alike. Altars and shrines help connect us to energies we wish to have in our lives. Think of them as conduits. The more energy, thought, and intent you put into them, the greater the benefits.

For me personally, I have several altars all through out my home. I have two traveling altars (one for writing, one for magick) made out of Altoid tins which I wrote about last month. I have a small shrine to my Embers Grand Dame. I have an outdoor shrine that is simply a fae statue and a bird feeder to honor the creatures of Air. I have a goddess shrine set up in my closet due to lack of space, but She doesn't mind. And then I have my working altar which I have pictured up above. )
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The rain started to soak through my rain "resistant" hoodie by the time I made it to the front door. Huffing underneath the cold clouds, I took pride I was able to accomplish another 2.7 miles in my morning ritual. Alright, every OTHER morning ritual. As I breathed in the wind, I felt exhilarated that I could accomplish just about anything I set my mind to today.

Inside the cozy blanket of my house, I brewed a cup of caffeinated ambrosia and began shifting through the emails. I received notice that yet another person had removed me from their Friends List. Earlier this week it was on Dreamwidth and that person was more of the dark, artistic vibe. I was cool with that, but apparently she wasn't cool with my day to day sundries.

Today's came from LiveJournal and whereas I was initially bummed, in the long run no harm, no foul. She was well within her rights to take me off her list because, let's face it, she was very into writing about her shamanistic experiences. Me not so much. Our interests diverged and whereas I read her entries, I never commented. I did leave her a comment wishing her well and that I completely understood.

Then I started thinking about my blog and the entires it contains within its virtual pages. Lately, I have NOT been writing about my spirituality or shamanism because I've felt there's really been nothing to write about. I feel like I'm in limbo. Not dead, mind you, I still have some amazing dreams. Why just recently I've experienced some with me climbing up hills, soaring / flying down hills, opening doors / portals to other realms others in my dreams are unable to to, etc. It definitely has been interesting, so why have I not been sharing?

Somehow, somewhere, I have misplaced my Voice. I want to share, but I'm conflicted as to how. In my mind, I want to manifest my blog into something truly magickal and inspiring. But unlike other blogs which have a running theme (crafty, shamanic, opinion, political, etc), I realized mine lacks one. My interests are all over place and I have several fingers in different pots. I possess no masterful expertise in simply ONE thing; just intermediate know-how in dozens.

Jill of All Trades here. Pleased to meet you.

Do I wish to write my blog with "Slice of Life" pieces or opinionated rants? Quirky humour or deep intellectual thinky thoughts? My day to day shamanic stumbles or my inner revelations which I've finally grasped? Some blogs are scholarly, others are artsy, many are hilarious, and a few are quite the hidden treasure chests only if you know where to dig.

I spoke of this limbo to a dear friend of mine and she confessed to be inflicted with the same dilema. Where is our Voice? I laughed and being the smartass I am said, "Great. We are both experiencing metaphysical / creative laryngitis. Do they have a lozenge for that?"

We laughed.

"Do they make an app for that?," I asked, "Perhaps turn an iPhone into a dowsing rod so we could find our misplaced Voice? Like looking for one's car keys?" We laughed some more and, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if some genius out there does program such a nifty tool.

In closing, I suppose all I can say is bear with me. Some days will be dreadfully dull to read my blog, yet others will surprise you as I continue to search for my individual Voice. Perhaps I left it in the icebox?

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I understand there are city folks that resort to raising bunnies and chickens for sustainably. Home grown and home prepared without the pesticides or hormones does a body good. I was simply thrown to see it next to Resumes, Economics, and Home Buying.

Okay, okay. I found it funny, too.

January 13, 2008

Wednesday, 13 January 2010 03:29 pm
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From an old journal entry two years ago.

A few minutes before 12:00PM on Sunday, January 13th, 2008, my beloved furry companion Embers passed on into the Summerlands.

Last night her condition took a turn for the worst as she had become very quiet and very still and even winced a bit at some pain. But as she was one who never played by the rules, she lived through the evening, to be greeted with a perfectly sunny day (SUNday).

Since Friday evening she had stopped eating and drinking all together. And I believe her kidneys were starting to deteriorate. Plus, in one week she dropped more weight and weighed in at 4 lbs.

I had promised her and myself, that when she began to shut down, I would take care of her and end her discomfort. My intellect knew I was making the right choice; however, my heart kept pleading, "just one more day, just one more day." But I could not be that selfish. It was time to let the furry love of my life for the past thirteen years go.

All I can say was the vets were very sympathetic and professional. I got to spend quite a few moments giving Embers my peace, something I had done at least 10 times in the last 2 days. I thanked her; I honored her; and I cherished and loved her completely. I asked Great Spirit to take care of her. Then we let each other go.

The last thing she felt was my gentle scritching of her chin. The last thing she saw were my loving blue eyes.

Now my apartment feels hollow without her. No sounds of her squeaks and chirps. No feeling of her paws padding my thigh while I sit typing at the computer. No smell of her soft fur under my chin. My baby is gone from this world and it feels incomplete without her in it.

ADOPTED 10/1994 at 7 years of age.
PASSED AWAY 1/13/2008 at the age of 20.

Embers "Grand Dame" left my life in body but not in spirit. I still cry for her. Her regal presence continues to be a part of my family as she watches, like a sentinel, from her own altar.


J is for Jameson

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 10:59 pm
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Long day.

Almost forgot to post.

My bad.

Here. Have some cutez.


My medicine

Monday, 11 January 2010 07:55 pm
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Not much to blog about today as it was fairly uneventful. So instead, I shall present to you a picture of a knitting project I completed a while back.

Roughly a month or two ago, I purchased some recycled yarn at Powell's Books. It was stranded together by old Hindu saris and Tibetan robes. The colours put a kaleidoscope to shame and I desperately wanted to knit something out of it. The end product -- a new medicine bag.


My medicine bag is very personal as it has evolved with me over the past decade and change. But never once have I had the skills or the know-how to make one. All past pouches were bought at new agey stores or at authentic Native American Powwows. The colours I chose to knit for this one are deliberate, as is the charm hanging from the flap. That charm was gifted to me ages ago by a very dear friend who told me, "This is one of the rock drawings found on the Columbia Gorge. She was a Native American Chief and her name was She Who Watches. When I saw it, I knew it was meant for you." This was before years of magickal and spiritual studies and, gosh darn it, he nailed it before I knew my Self.

January the Grey

Saturday, 9 January 2010 01:29 pm
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I'm not entirely sure what my damage has been for the past two days. I thought I was coming down with a cold, but it turned out to be an acute attack of allergies. I'm sleeping a lot and my enthusiasm is a deep shade of Blah. One friend suggests I have become sensitive to barometric changes. Personally, I think it's just the curse of January.

January has always been the least spectacular month of the year. No major holidays (at least fun ones like Halloween or Christmas) and everything just appears to be grey. Grey skies, grey ground, grey people who are recuperating from the previous two months of "cheer", grey work cubicles, and sheer grey boredom.

I'm trying to merely float on the surface of this January Grey, rather than allow it to pull me down into its murky and stinky depths. Toodling around on the computer has helped (Google Chrome extensions for Mac has been released!!), as has the butterscotch purring of my furkid, Jameson. He helps chase the whispy grey tendrils away.

Tomorrow will be a treat. One of my best friends and I are meeting up for coffee and knitting. Not necessarily Pints & Purls, but more like Lattes & Knits? Steamed Stitches? Expresso Yarnings?


Under the Weather

Friday, 8 January 2010 06:55 pm
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The irony of it.

I write a post about not being a Slave to my laziness and what happens? I've come down with a bit of a cold which has forced me to be in bed all day.

Ah, the gods have a sense of humour.

This was the view from my bed: Jameson The Hunter.


Podcast for Thought

Thursday, 7 January 2010 06:03 pm
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I have a few goals this year to help instill more discipline within my character. Not that I've always been a scatter brain. Quite the contrary, I've been able to accomplish some amazing things in my lifetime because of my dedication (eg: Complete 5 years worth of Priestesshood studies within 3). However, I also know myself to be a lazy ass if I allow it.

And I'm done with allowing it.

2010 is going to mark great change, great progress because my intent is phenomenally strong.

Goal of the First -- write in my blog every day to the best of my ability. I say "best of my ability" because if I am down with The Crud™, I certainly will not have the energy to ticka-tacka out a few lines of prose. Or if I'm traveling and out of town. I never bring my laptop camping, so I doubt during festival weekends I'll be huddled in my Coppery Barn triangulating the nearest wi-fi signal.

Goal of the Second -- take a photo every day. Taking one is easy, posting it falls under the caveats of previous goal.

Goal of the Third -- create a daily spiritual practice and stick with it. This is a biggie. Way back in the day I used to mediate after work. Every day. Folks noticed a difference in the energy I put out ("Nothing stresses you!") and I noticed how less my feathers were ruffled. Over the past 14 years, my daily practice has been sporadic at best. I want to change that.

What has spurred this quest for inner discipline has been a long time coming, but today during my morning walk, I got a reminder. Not an Anvil or a Clue x Four, but an affectionate whop upside the back of the head ala Gibbs style.

For the past two weeks I've opted to not listen to heart-thumping music while I walk, but to a podcast by T. Thorn Coyle called "Elemental Castings". Each week (or every other week) she focuses on each element and what they represent in our lives. Today's was about FIRE: creativity, will, intent. Her guest speaker, Mark, was a man very connected to Energy and Fire. He started his practice way back in high school with martial arts and eventually came through to the Western Esoteric magick through his studies of the Eastern philosophies. Mark quoted everything from Buddhism, to Hinduism, to the Qabbalah regarding Will. But that is not what impressed me. What caught my intention is, for being such a fiery woman to begin with, I have not harnessed the power of my Will to its fullest capacity. To be able to do work with intent, intent to bring Joy into my life. I somehow allowed myself to get sucked up into the mundane worries we all have of bills, rent, and finding a job. I've been performing these jobs with no Joy and with only a mere tapping into the power of my Will.

Mark then shared his daily practice, which upon hearing made me feel very, very lazy. He gets up at 4:20am every morning to do his spiritual practice, part of which includes mantra chanting for one hour and doing some working stances out underneath the sun. This does not include his three times a week nightly practice.

I need that. I've been feeling the strong need for that, but I have not been complying. I've been allowing myself to get distracted with knitting and reading and writing. Not being creative to infuse creative intent, but to keep my mind off of things I know I should be doing.

Bad Ember.

"You have two choices. You can either be a Slave or a Master," rang through my earbuds. I sucked in my breath and listened. "You can chose to meditate for an hour or chose to waste your time watching that tv show. Your choice." Yes. I have a choice. Quite elementary logic in thought, but in practice not so much.

So, I've made a choice. I choose to be a Master.