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Last Thursday I finally finagled my energy to pick up "Boneshaker" and finish it. I had been reading it for the past few months, until something expected happened. I got a case of The Shinies. Something glorious and new and sparkly caught my attention which caused "Boneshaker" to sit upon my nightstand, collecting dust. I cannot remember what was so amazing to put a steampunk zombie novel on hold as it was very engaging and chock-full of adventure.

Was it a knitting project?

Perhaps a quick short story idea which needed to get written STAT before I forgot?

Or did I succumb to the hypnotic, thrumming purrs of Jameson to where I slipped into a pleasant coma?

I suppose it's not important. What is important is I finally finished the novel! And Friday morning I learned the author, Cherie Priest, was going to be at our local Powell's to do a signing! How synchronicitous! And, wow, Spell Check does not recognize "synchronicitous" as a legit word. Scary.

Friday afternoon I camped out at Powell's with two knitting projects in tow and waited. I met up with Tanuki and MartianMoonCrab and before long, a petite pixie with vibrant blue hair appeared. It was none other than Cherie Priest herself.

All I can say about the author, well I cannot simply say ONE thing, so I shall just rattle off what is impressive about her:

1. Cherie Priest's bubbly attitude is infectious. Perhaps being a former goth, she might take a slight comedic offense to the word "bubbly", but she had every right to be bouncing all over the place. She just received an email from George R.R. Martin (yes, THAT one) regarding a project they're working on together. He had written how much he LOVED her storyline ideas and Cherie was simply beside herself. She was practically giggling out of her skin. "I am so holding back the urge to bounce around this store yelling, 'G.R.R. Martin doesn't think I'm a moron!'"

2. The author has seriously done her research. Seriously. The world she created for "Bonshaker", called The Clockwork Century, is so wonderfully detailed and has so many branches, I was in awe. She knows her Civil War history and she shows no remorse in pushing up the Klondike Gold Rush if it allows her to have 50,000 zombies in 1880 Seattle, rather than 5,000.

3. Digressing is her most polished skill, as she so cheerfully admitted. There was no such thing as a "Yes" or "No" answer.

4. The author can totally pull off blue and aqua green hair.

This photo was taken with my ancient camera phone, and with her permission, so I apologize for the lack of quality. Regardless, Cherie Priest was very charming, very personable, and very inspiring as she joyfully signed everyone's books. Upon my turn, I had mentioned I found her through Kyle Cassidy's LiveJournal. She laughed and started regaling stories of her cat and how he would try, without much luck, to take a photo of her.

As I left the book signing, I was reminded how success can be quite the tease for some authors. One can get it right out of the shoot on the first try. Cherie, on the other hand, this was her seventh book and, like a perfect storm, it happened to hit pop culture at just the right time we needed some steampunk. To date "Boneshaker" is what truly put her on the map.

I felt encouraged, not dismayed, by this thought. Cherie finally found what she loved to write. It took her seven novels (a few Southern Gothic) to find it, but she did. And I will too.

My signed copy of "Boneshaker" now sits upon the inspirational shelf of my library. Right next to signed copies by David Sedaris and C.E. Murphy. Tomorrow night, Patricia Briggs will be added to my growing collection of authorial motivation.

Five Days In

Tuesday, 5 January 2010 06:10 pm
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So far so good.

Five days into the spankin' New Year and I've been able to keep up with 365/2010 and NaBloPoMo. Hot damn!! This is great news for me. Me being a procrastinating lazy ass who gets easily distracted. I might learn some focus this year after all.

This afternoon I opted to listen to some electronically empowered cello music by local artist Adam Hurst. One Last Thursday a few years ago on Alberta Street, I came upon him playing on the corner. I loved his sound, his style and was transfixed even then. Part etheric, part haunting, part futuristic. I purchased his CD, "Passages" and it is one of my preferred albums to meditate to.
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Earlier this week I was finally able to reveal the "Sekrit Project" I was working on with 22 other photographers. The news had been making its rounds on Mr. Kyle's journal and participants' blogs for a day. Yesterday we all receive an email from Kyle giving us the most amazing news EVAR:

There is a gallery in Cleveland, Mississippi who want to give "In The Hive" its OWN SHOW in the fall where all 83 photos will be on display.


*rubs eyes*

My first quirky step out into the Photography Community to see what I could do and my photos get a showing along with other cool photographers?

I am stunned. Amazed. And really FREAKING happy!!

Money will have to be scrimped and saved so I can attend because plane tickets, rental car, and hotel room do not come cheap. If to attend my first showing I have to sacrifice a pirate festival or a fall knitting retreat, than so be it. This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime (TM) opportunity and I will not miss it!

Welcome to The Hive

Tuesday, 7 July 2009 12:26 pm
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A few weeks ago I posted a vague post about how excited I was about a project I was working on. How I had a tearful, happy moment of, "Holy crap, maybe I CAN do this!" The time has come to where it's okay to reveal it.

That moment is this:

[personal profile] kylecassidy (photographer, writer, creative enabler) sent a shout out back in June for volunteers. He had an idea and wanted to execute it throughout the United States and Canada. Well, you can read about the unveiling details at his LiveJournal HERE.

Over two days I took roughly a dozen photos whenever my cell phone vibrated with a message. Whatever was in front of me, I went clickenzee. Afterwards, Kyle had to sift through a total 266 shots from 22 other photographers to pick out ones he wanted showcased on the site, which ended up being about 83. Honestly, I figured maybe one or two of mine would make the cut (Kyle was adamant that ALL the photographers would be represented). To my astonishment as I perused The Hive's portfolio, I discovered Kyle picked five of mine. Five. He thought 5 of my photos had the right composition and truly captured the Hive goal he was striving for. *soft squee*

To me, this was a big deal. Over the past year I have admired this man's work and his artistic opinion means quite a deal to me. Think of it this way: it would be equivalent to Neil Gaiman saying your short story was splendid and may he use it in his anthology?

Yeah. Like that. :)

If you wish to see the portfolio, feel free to visit the Hive site. My photos are the ones from Portland, OR.

When Kyle put out the call, I was hesitant and extremely doubtful. Did I have potential? Did I have the talent to pull this off? I've never done anything like this before and figured it was time to step out of my comfort zone and share with the world with what I see. Kyle has shown me I do have potential. I simply need to believe in myself.

I will forever be grateful.

Situation Normal

Tuesday, 7 July 2009 12:20 pm
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For thirty days I've tip-toed outside the borders of my comfort zone and proceeded to play with my creativity in two ways:

1. My love of photography via In The Hive.

2. My love for writing by participating in the Cassidy Creative Collaboration Project via [profile] 2xcreative.

Sooooo, I suppose my adventures in creative craftiness as of late is in thanks to [personal profile] kylecassidy as he came up with both ideas? Dude, I'm so glad he won the LJ Advisory Board position. LOL! The man "gets" community.

For the Collaboration Project, I was (and still am) partnered with [profile] charvyna to where she came up with a wonderful idea and I helped it along. Together, during our hectic lives, we created something pretty damn cool.

Allow me to introduce you to THE SNAFOO.

[profile] charvyna set up the website and produced some marvelous histories, backgrounds, and some damn clever rituals of appeasement. Myself, I've begun the story and it continues to unfold even after our 30 day deadline when Kyle asked all participants to show off what they've created. Charvyna has opened it up to all who wish to add to THE SNAFOO whether by illustrating, photographing, knitting, singing, playing name it! If THE SNAFOO inspire you, we want to see your creations!

I iz full of secrits

Friday, 12 June 2009 03:14 pm
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As a way to plunge forth into my creative pursuits, I've decided to take risks and put myself out there. To share my unique vision and what I can offer this wacky place we call a World.

First, I raised my hand and signed up for the Cassidy Creative Collaboration Experiment (cascrecolex for short) where I am partnered up with a nifty writer. She and I are in the process of creating a piece of art which I will post more details about when we get into zee full swing of things.

Second, I have volunteered to be part of Kyle Cassidy's photo project. Shhhhhh. It's secret. Truly. Smiting may occur if I even let a peep out of what he has planned. ;-) Whereas the first project is roughly a month before revealing, this one I can share in about 2 weeks. Maybe less.

No more hiding behind her journal for this fire-tressed one.

A WICKED Good Time!

Sunday, 5 April 2009 02:52 pm
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Yesterday was spectacular.

Beyond awesome.

Dare I say it was a megolithical day, even though such a word doesn't exist, it darn well should! )
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Nothing is more inspiring than to be a witness of something truly real and magical. A creative venture which started as a mere suggestion quickly took to its pitch coloured wings and materialized into a 369 paged tome of fantastical awesomeness. Out of the muse's vapor into our reality in under 3 months time.


Professional writers clamored to be a part of this rare anthology; some well known and well awarded, others just getting their quill nibs wet. Original tales were concocted for an original force of nature who wears elaborate top hats and travels with a guitar strapped to her lithe, faerie form. From her lips stories of Lost Girls and ravens and faeries flow effortlessly along her formidable voice like dandelion wings -- each catching you by surprise as they tickle your nose and play in your hair. Yet always bringing a smile to the curmudgeon Curmudgeon's face.


Saturday I volunteered to be a part of this amazing experience. As I did not contribute a story, I wished to help in any way I could; beyond having pre-ordered a copy when word was first whispered back in January. So Saturday we three vagabonds, [ profile] innowen (who wrote a haunting, lilting tale set at a Rave), [ profile] kenderbunny, and I traveled the three hours it took to get to Renton, WA to help with the now infamous PACKING PARTY. )
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Click to read the official post for the RAVENS in the Dreaming book signing:

To celebrate the release of RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY, we are having a Book Signing! Please join us and our friends SatyrPhil Brucato, Sandra Buskirk, Angel Leigh McCoy, Kris Millering, Jaymi Elford and many others.

This is a once in a life time book! Please call to reserve your copy, limit 2 per customer. This can also be ordered online, for a limited time, through:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
The Dreaming Comics and Games
5226 University Way NE
Seattle, WA

RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY is an exclusive collection of works from Newberry Award winner Neil Gaiman (of Coraline and Sandman fame), Spiderwick Chronicles creator Holly Black, vampire noir author Laurell K. Hamilton and many other contributors to help independent music artist S.J. Tucker, a popular figure in the postmodern fantasy scene.

Tucker – who, like her idol Ani DiFranco, favors a self-produced career – was struck with a serious and expensive combination of medical problems in December, 2008. Like an estimated third of Americans today, Tucker could not afford health care coverage, and found herself facing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Fortunately, Tucker has friends and fans in high places. Called together by GAMA award-winning author and game designer Phil Brucato (Mage: The Ascension), over two dozen writers and artists contributed their work to help defray those expenses. The resulting book, RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY, has been named for one of Tucker’s songs.

Self-published by Brucato and his partner Sandra Buskirk, the collection has been produced entirely by grass-roots “new media” methods. Through a combination of Internet marketing, social networking sites, virtual technology commerce and print-on-demand techniques, the book was put together in roughly six weeks, and has pre-sold nearly a thousand copies to date.

In addition to New York Times best-sellers like Gaiman, Black and Hamilton, contributors to RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY include American Library Association award-winner Charles de Lint (The Blue Girl), pop-cultural folklore professor Ari Berk (Runes of Elfland), The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror series editor Terri Windling, and Hot Topic fairy artist Amy Brown. The book features 28 illustrated stories; some are reprinted, others are new. RAVENS also boasts original covers by author-artist James A. Owen (Here, There be Dragons). Each contributor donated his or her work free of charge. In several cases, this was because those people had been in similar situations themselves.

As of 2007, an estimated 46,000,000 Americans under the age of 65 lacked health care coverage. That number has grown to unknown proportions in recent months. Over 10.7% of American children, under current estimates, are not covered, and nearly 40% of the uninsured population resides in households that earn $50,000 a year or more. Despite the “fantastic” solution to Tucker’s problem, this issue remains a significant concern in the United States. RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY is an imaginative approach to the problem of health care in America. Few people, however, share S.J. Tucker’s popularity, and so this book is only a small step toward a larger solution.

Also posted in Jaymi Elford's blog SHADES OF MAYBE and at the [ profile] saveours00j community.
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One of my LJ friends has a journal I discovered through linkage at Mr. Neil Gaiman's blog. His name is [ profile] kylecassidy and he is one phenomenal photographer. Imagine my surprise and thought of "My how tiny this world is??" when I saw today's post.

Does the lovely lady look familiar? ;-)




The raven haired beauty posing with our S00J, is none other than author Cathrynne M. Valente. She was on a book signing tour for her latest release, "The Palimpsest".

All photos are copyrighted by none other than Mr. Kyle Cassidy himself. As I told Kyle, I find it fascinating and reassuring how the artistic twines of this magical world ravel and weave through and through. Small world. Or as Kyle put it to another commenter who addressed a similar 6 Degrees of Separation of S00J, "Not a small world, BIG people." Yeah, big, effulgent, talented people. Hear, hear.