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May 15, 1980
"Hey, son, would you mind going to the thermostat and turning it down a bit?," asked Dad. With a grumble and the footfall of a growing teen still awkward with his gait, my brother tromped down the hall like a mutant buffalo. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.

I was sitting in front of the tv, just about ready to watch whatever was "Must See" back then. Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Night Court were my absolute favorites. Suddenly, through the floor, a vibration occurred. Then a ripple. Finally a low throttle rumble as the house shook upon its moorings and my first thought was a sisterly eyeroll of, "What did my brother do now? All he had to do was turn the dial."

That evening was my very first earthquake.

I was 10 years old. )
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This Friday the 13th would have marked my father's 69th birthday. Nine years ago on November 23, 2000, at 60 years of age and on Thanksgiving, he let go of his fight with cancer and died surrounded by loved ones.

He was an amazing man. )
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I'm back.
I'm here.

Attended Northwest Fall Equinox and it was an extremely loving, powerful, releasing, and reaffirming festival I have attended in YEARS. So much so, my throat is all scratchy and coughy from all the mantra chanting and chatting-up I did for the past 4 days.

My F-List of entries is positively daunting. LOL! Two hours later and I'm still not all caught up, so if you want me to see anything of coolness or importance, let me know. :)

So while I get my bearings and simply relax today, I leave you with a photo from Mahakali's Temple which I helped erect and tend to all weekend long.

(Clickenzee to biggenzee)
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Earlier this week I was finally able to reveal the "Sekrit Project" I was working on with 22 other photographers. The news had been making its rounds on Mr. Kyle's journal and participants' blogs for a day. Yesterday we all receive an email from Kyle giving us the most amazing news EVAR:

There is a gallery in Cleveland, Mississippi who want to give "In The Hive" its OWN SHOW in the fall where all 83 photos will be on display.


*rubs eyes*

My first quirky step out into the Photography Community to see what I could do and my photos get a showing along with other cool photographers?

I am stunned. Amazed. And really FREAKING happy!!

Money will have to be scrimped and saved so I can attend because plane tickets, rental car, and hotel room do not come cheap. If to attend my first showing I have to sacrifice a pirate festival or a fall knitting retreat, than so be it. This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime (TM) opportunity and I will not miss it!