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The past month has been a combination of being wonderfully chaotic, newly anxious, and sadly disappointed. I am so behind on reading folk's Tweets, LJ entries, and FB statuses that I've pretty much given up on trying to catch up. Nothing personal, it's just too mammoth a behemoth to master. Or something like that.

Did I mention I am tired?

You see, I'm a workin' gal now and my day starts when I sludge out of bed at 4:30am. Get to the office by 6:00am and work until the work is done. Usually as late as 3:00pm or as early as 1:30pm. Such is the life of a contractor.

The thing is, by the time I get home and do chores or run errands, I am WIPED and bedtime around 8:00PM sounds heavenly. I barely have the energy to write and my blog posts have suffered for it. My plan though is since I won't be working Friday, I can take the three-day weekend to finally blog the following:

1. My Rebirthing Party (with pix!)
2. Knitting Guild's Shop Hop (shiny, yarny pix!)
3. Last weekend's Southern Beltane festival (yes, you guessed it....with llamas!!)

I hope everyone on my F-List is healthy, happy, and being dangerously creative.

Snugs and Spanks,
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The past week has been a whirlwind as I celebrated my 40th Rebirthday and then was treated to a trip to the coast for a few days. There are tons of photos I still need to wade through, as well as, things to catch up on, and a celebration to attend. I hope to have a write up on my very fun, very cool, very funny birthday tomorrow.

Until then, I give you DJ Earworm and his 2009 mix. QB played this in the car on our way to the beach, so of course, I've been infected. ;-) You cannot listen to this and NOT smile or NOT dance. Enjoy.

January the Grey

Saturday, 9 January 2010 01:29 pm
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I'm not entirely sure what my damage has been for the past two days. I thought I was coming down with a cold, but it turned out to be an acute attack of allergies. I'm sleeping a lot and my enthusiasm is a deep shade of Blah. One friend suggests I have become sensitive to barometric changes. Personally, I think it's just the curse of January.

January has always been the least spectacular month of the year. No major holidays (at least fun ones like Halloween or Christmas) and everything just appears to be grey. Grey skies, grey ground, grey people who are recuperating from the previous two months of "cheer", grey work cubicles, and sheer grey boredom.

I'm trying to merely float on the surface of this January Grey, rather than allow it to pull me down into its murky and stinky depths. Toodling around on the computer has helped (Google Chrome extensions for Mac has been released!!), as has the butterscotch purring of my furkid, Jameson. He helps chase the whispy grey tendrils away.

Tomorrow will be a treat. One of my best friends and I are meeting up for coffee and knitting. Not necessarily Pints & Purls, but more like Lattes & Knits? Steamed Stitches? Expresso Yarnings?

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I'm back.
I'm here.

Attended Northwest Fall Equinox and it was an extremely loving, powerful, releasing, and reaffirming festival I have attended in YEARS. So much so, my throat is all scratchy and coughy from all the mantra chanting and chatting-up I did for the past 4 days.

My F-List of entries is positively daunting. LOL! Two hours later and I'm still not all caught up, so if you want me to see anything of coolness or importance, let me know. :)

So while I get my bearings and simply relax today, I leave you with a photo from Mahakali's Temple which I helped erect and tend to all weekend long.

(Clickenzee to biggenzee)
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Thanks ever so much to [personal profile] scratchingpost1, I now haz a Netflix account with a month of "free" service!


Now my insatiable inner movie geek will finally be....uh....sated. LOL!

Gettin' high off the DVDs!! :D


Monday, 11 May 2009 03:01 pm
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I swear. Waiting for the UPS delivery guy is equivalent to the cable guy. I received a notice my delivery would be here between 10:30am - 2pm. It's now after 3pm.

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Snow forces me to slow down, appreciate more and giggle at the glitter falling from the sky.

Graciousness and chivalry are not dead.

Older folks are more prone to sit next to a newly nuked, fire-tressed mutant than those of younger generations.

Bus drivers LOVE IT when you say "thanks" and wish them well.

Cat-napping on a toasty bus is a good way to start one's work day.

Starbux's limited Espresso Truffle, served extra hot, is ORGASMIC!! And quite the treat for a snowy Friday.
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Can you believe October is NEXT WEEK?? I sure as hell cannot. When September arrived I literally basked in its crisp sunlight and marveled at how I could feel the Fire slowly give way to Air. Second harvest has come and gone and now my next favorite time of year is plodding towards me.

October shall keep me very occupied. Like a mad scientist. BWA-HA-HA-HAAAAA! The following is my list of eVil projects I shall be concocting.....uh.....creating. In a lightningy fashion.

1. October 1st the Samhain decor goes UP!
2. Study, study, study for my real estate license.
3. Get together with [ profile] innowen many times so we can prep for our NaNo experience. My third...her 7th? 8th? I lose track. lol
4. Continue my shamanism practice via reading, journeying, learning and embracing.
5. Try to attend the Stormy Weather Arts festival at the coast with Himself.
6. Study, study, spill brain into the real estate laws. Did I mention this is without a doubt the most boring shite I've ever had to read? Seriously. It makes PoliSci in high school seem riveting in comparison.
7. Prepare for Samhain celebration by creating costume, helping with potluck and possible decorations.