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There are ebbs and flows, mountains and valleys, dry spells and monsoons in one's life, but it definitely correlates to my social life as of recently.

I am not one who needs company 24/7. I don't need to be in constant contact with anyone. I can be perfectly happy entertaining myself by going to the zoo on my own, knitting in a coffee shop, or checking out the latest Tim Burton flick-a-roo. Ever since I was a kid, playing in my room brought me the greatest satisfaction because I only had me and my imagination to keep me from getting bored.

However....this does not mean I am a lone wolf or despise human contact. Quite the contrary. The only thing human I despise is undiluted stupidity / ignorance / over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. In other words, to use one of Dean Winchester's favorite words, I stay the hell away from the douchebags.

I may be an independent person, but I am not 100% myself without my friends. My friends keep me sane, they remind me of how loved I am, and they help me get my groove on when needed. This past weekend was just that. After a long dry spell of social activities (seriously, tumbleweeds were rolling through my apartment), I was inundated with activities galore and reminded, yet again, that I love going out with my fellow freaks. )

Well, crap.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009 05:04 pm
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Today I found out that my hair colour, L'Oreal Feria Power Red R75/ Bright Copper Red has been discontinued. I noticed it off the store shelves back in February, but now a wholesaler where I purchased inventory from is completely out of stock. No back orders.

This sucks.

I've been a bottled red head since I was 22 and have been through many different shades (strawberry blonde, copper penny, cherry red, mahogony, auburn) and in 2006 (?) I discovered my perfect shade: Bright Copper Red. It was intense. It was vivid. It was radioactive and it embodied my personality to a tee.

Complete strangers would compliment me on my hair and the colour more than any other time I've been embracing my red head within. A few years ago, I allowed my former hair stylist to talk me into adding a dark, reddish plum to the under layer so my flaming red hair would have depth. It worked like a charm and more heads turned. It took me until I was in my 30's to finally find my image -- how I physically wished to be perceived by others. Some women dress in vintage clothes. Others can do a pixie cut with bohemian flair. A few can do chunky frames for their glasses. I found my fire tressed mane and now, well, now I feel as if a smidgen of my identity has been taken away.

I do not feel completely ME.
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Yes, I am one who has had ENOUGH of the vampiric Others seeping into our pop culture.

I reached my over-saturation point when the Sookie Stackhouse and Twilight books came out. Nowadays when you waltz through the Fantasy or Young Adult section, all you SEE are vampire novels. The problem being, there is nothing novel about them (yes, pun intended). Oh look, a teenage vampire having to deal with high school? Gee, that hasn't been done before. Ah, a woman falling in love with a vampire who is rougish and possibly good? *yawn* Never read that before either. Ooooooo, a vampire who occupies his nighttime by moping in such an EMO-attach-the-back-of-my-hand-to-my-forehead-with-a-stake angstiness it would put Louis of "Interview With A Vampire" to shame? *GROAN*

Note: I did so love Anne Rice's novel when I was a teenager. It fit my life perfectly and it's still one of my favorite novels. However, the Brooding Vampire is like beating a dead horse. It's been ridden hard. And yes, Angel m'boy, I'm looking at you.

In my opinion the Vampire needs to be *cringe* revamped. I don't care how, but I must admit going back to the basics would be a refreshing start. Let Vampires be truly, undiluted evil again.

Where does this tirade come from? Well, it appears Mr. Neil Gaiman feels similarly too.

The next over-saturation point will be the Zombies. We're not there yet, but we're damn close as they are just over the peak of popularity. By 1st quarter 2010, I predict, it will be time to move on to another Other. My vote? Werewolves. :)