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The past week has been a whirlwind as I celebrated my 40th Rebirthday and then was treated to a trip to the coast for a few days. There are tons of photos I still need to wade through, as well as, things to catch up on, and a celebration to attend. I hope to have a write up on my very fun, very cool, very funny birthday tomorrow.

Until then, I give you DJ Earworm and his 2009 mix. QB played this in the car on our way to the beach, so of course, I've been infected. ;-) You cannot listen to this and NOT smile or NOT dance. Enjoy.

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I know the majority of you are probably suffering from Michael Jackson hangover. Everywhere you look (my LJ included) there are links and commentaries about the King of Pop. How will history view him? As a genius who bridged white and black in the music industry? As an eccentric who appeared to always have the mind of child and never truly grew up? As a man charged with child molestation and then acquitted?

Perhaps all the above. But while some of you mourn the loss of a once-in-a-lifetime talent, or some of you praise that justice was finally served, or some of you simply do not get what all the hub-bub is about, I wish to leave you with what he left for me.

THE MAN KNEW HOW TO DANCE. While others squealed over his vocal talents, I was ecstatic there was a Fred Astaire of my generation. A man who glided on the dance floor as if the floor didn't need to exist. He made the floor look good. Michael Jackson popularized solo dancing in the early 80's and made it cool. I perfected his moonwalk, memorized the Thriller choreography, and was even able to do the move where he lifts himself up to his tippy toes. No one influenced me as much until, ironically, his little sister Janet did with "Rhythm Nation" when I was in college.

Michael's dancing ability was one of the best. Does he rival Fred Astaire? Mmmmmmmmmmaybe. Though he sure as hell paid a damn good homage.

Thanks Michael for keeping me dancing.