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Among other things (journals, bags, yarn.....).

Though office supplies has been on the top of my list since I was a school kid (Yeah, I was weird). Every September I looked forward to the fresh pencils, new smelling pencil boxes, and funky erasers when I was in elementary. It progressed to peechees, three ring binders, and nifty ball point pens during high school. When college hit....oh my goodness....I would walk into the campus store and merely stand there in a haze. My eyes glossed over at the shiny text books, post-it notes, and index cards.


Now that I'm a grown adult (in body only), I still get that silly feeling whenever I step into an office supply store. What new treasures will I find which will help to ignite my creativity and hone my already ridiculously anal organizational skills?

Today the culprits were new coloured gel ink pens for my journaling and post-it notes for my knitting. Hee!