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Among other things (journals, bags, yarn.....).

Though office supplies has been on the top of my list since I was a school kid (Yeah, I was weird). Every September I looked forward to the fresh pencils, new smelling pencil boxes, and funky erasers when I was in elementary. It progressed to peechees, three ring binders, and nifty ball point pens during high school. When college hit....oh my goodness....I would walk into the campus store and merely stand there in a haze. My eyes glossed over at the shiny text books, post-it notes, and index cards.


Now that I'm a grown adult (in body only), I still get that silly feeling whenever I step into an office supply store. What new treasures will I find which will help to ignite my creativity and hone my already ridiculously anal organizational skills?

Today the culprits were new coloured gel ink pens for my journaling and post-it notes for my knitting. Hee!

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I should be writing up a book and cd review for "newWitch" magazine, but I'm stalling. Instead I am going through the DW Directory Search and looking for freaks-like-me to get to know and add to my Circle.

Why do I do this? I love writing. I truly do. Next to dancing since I was 4 years old, writing is something I've been doing almost as long and with equal passion. So why do I stall?

Why do I stall on revamping my NaNo novel from 2007?

Why do I put off finishing my NaNo of 2008 which stopped at 51,000 yet there was more story to tell?

Why am I not following some sort of "biz plan" and getting my shit in gear so I can follow my whacked-out dream pursuit of becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR?

Why do I hesitate in writing short stories to keep my writing prowess up to prow?

What the FUCK am I afraid of??


Gee, you want a list? Cause I've got one and at the top header it reads: FEAR.

Fear of following a dream because, hey, in this economic cesspool, it's not a very practical thing to do right now. Must find a corporate-life-sucking job to pay the bills because that's how it's done. Follow the lemmings. Get back into the corporate grind as the cogs press into your spine.

Fear of failure. Ooooo, that's a biggie. What if I'm not as successful as Neil Gaiman or Patricia Briggs or JK Rowling or Marion Zimmer-Bradley or Doug Adams? Could I live with that? What if my writing is simply not up to par and is sneer-worthy, or worse, intensely milk-out-the-nose laughable?

What "new" thought or philosophy do I have to offer the literary world?

Gods. I truly loathe how insecure I can be. And lazy. Let us not forget lazy. But lazy is an excuse I use to slither through the loopholes of pursuing my dream. I know the worst crime is never trying. So why am I not trying?

Pursuing Dreams

Thursday, 9 October 2008 07:34 am
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This could not have been posted at a better time. Thank you, PTB, for the wonderful synchronicity.

Mizkit, one of my favorite authors, wrote a revealing post about following one's dream(s). As so many of my friends, including myself, have been experiencing this sense of restlessness --- a sense we should be doing something but we don't know what or how, I'm hoping this article will help. For those who have realized their dreams but are not sure how to execute, or for those like La Mutant here, who have so many dreams they don't know which one to go after.


Happy 8.8.08

Friday, 8 August 2008 07:49 am
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I'm no numerology expert, so the significance of today's date, other than it's a geeky fun fact, is lost on me.

When I used to work in Escrow, I remember many Asian American clients who wanted me to be able to close their transactions on particular dates. Why? Because their beliefs held that certian calendar dates were more prosperous than others. Not one to judge (helloooo, shaman in training with polytheistic leanings), I was always able to accomodate their wishes out of respect.

It appears it still holds true for many in Beijing. Not only does today mark the opening ceremonies of the Summer 2008 Olympics, but many couples (thousands even) are getting married today.

May their gods and ancestors smile down upon them! :-)


Friday, 1 August 2008 07:00 pm
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Seeing this photo inspired me to grab my Moleskine and begin jotting. Because if Mr. Gaiman can simply sit in a corner and write a story or three, why can't I?

Credit of the photo goes to [ profile] kylecassidy, Mr. Freaking Rockstar right now. ;-)